Change: Does it matter who I am? Part 2

The winds of change are blowing across the globe. There is talk of climate change, political change, economy and social changes, and so much more. Change. Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not, change is happening. But that’s external change. What about the change that goes on in the inside? I think that change affects the external change most. Its like the Butterfly effect. One tiny change in emotion or personality or behavior can set in motion a massive movement, for good or worse. This is the Malvern’s theory. It’s yet to be proved because I just thought of it and I do not know whether it has been said before or not.

Picture Credit: Ryan Polly – Organizational Change: Why Resilience is the Key to Change Management

Change is necessary for growth. It is an opportunity to develop ourselves and be better than we were yesterday or in the past. If I take a stroll downtown and see an elderly person lying on a pavement with no place to go, no food, no any-of-those-comforts-we-have-but-rarely-think-of, and do not have a change of heart or thought on the homeless, how will I grow and learn to help those who might not have some of the privileges I have? Each person is privileged in some way, whether we know it or not, acknowledge it or not. Others are privileged by race, some by abilities, others by material possessions or even education.

When it comes to change, it really matters who I am or who you are because when it comes to change, it not affects me or the person next to me or even you, dear reader. Sometimes change is detrimental to growth too. If an educated or well-informed person chooses suddenly not to share what he/she knows, then ignorance will be our bane. If a government or ruling party changes legislation or any policy that affects the majority, then change will not be as beneficial as in other cases.

The main point is to check change as it happens to us or to our society, global or local, and try as hard as we can to make sure it’s supporting, not undermining, growth.



Author: Malvern's Pensieve

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